Act instead of endure!


I accompany you as an impulse giver, idea generator and doer in the ever more dynamic and fast-paced world. Standing still is not an option! I show you important connections, question processes and behaviors and give you a new perspective on things as an Interim Manager, external HR Consultant or Business Coach.

From my many years of experience, also in management positions, and my continuous own training in HR, I know that HR today is no longer as static as it was a few years ago. Not only the economy, but also the field of HR is subject to constant change. Keywords such as NewWork or agility come up again and again in this context.


However, these new working models cannot be implemented from one day to the next, nor are they always applicable in all cases. The agile forms of work require a cultural change in the company. A change toward more proactive thinking and action, personal responsibility, and self-organization of teams requires that rigid hierarchies become less important and that dynamic action, lateral thinking, and the will to collaborate are given top priority.

This change in organizational culture, effectively implemented, then leads to the appropriate mindset among all team members and a common understanding of the leadership role. After all, even in agile work environments, leaders are a key success factor for the company, because they lead by example and provide the team with the right tools and knowledge to be successful.   

Over the past few years, I have learned time and again that there is no black and white with regard to constant change in HR. A modern HR system should follow a professional structure that includes a comprehensive view of the internal and external trends and changes in the field.

It is necessary to take into account the changes of the specific labor market and to know the requirements and to meet them openly and creatively. I would like to bring about a change of thinking in your company and for this purpose I offer you the following services to give your HR services more dynamic:

As an Interim Manager, I support your company with clearly defined tasks and projects, e.g. when key positions in human resources are vacant, but the services are still needed. Or when external support is needed for the implementation of newly developed measures in HR. 

As an HR Consultant, e.g. in the case of a conversion of internal HR management to new circumstances such as agility and new forms of work, I offer a professional external perspective. I can also provide new impulses in the creation of bridges across generations or in the design of cooperation with co-determination bodies.

As a Business Coach, I support you in meeting professional challenges, formulating goals from them and developing individually suitable solution or action alternatives. I support specialists and executives in their further development, especially in the areas of personnel management, development of the individual, understanding of leadership, mastering changes and dealing with conflicts.